Focus is a problem today…or maybe a problem all the time. I blame smartphones – I almost just typed ‘cellphones’ instead of smartphones as if the first brick weight analog cell I used as a teenager bears any resemblance to the sleek eternally connected and tracking distractions we now carry around glued to our hands and faces – for my short attention span and tendency to rant. This bit will probably get cut by the time I’m wrapping but right now it is all that seems to want to exit my fingertips. Just kidding. I’m going let it be.

The thing about this week…

I am applying myself to the tying of loose ends before beginning a new job and tangling my mind in the process.

But on a massively more significant note:

I’ve been listening to This Land from Rebecca Nagle and it is a painful beautifully composed work that gives context to the Supreme Court decision landed earlier in the week. You should listen to it too.

A Memory

On the five hour drive from my hometown toward the central coastal part of California to the northern urban part where my grandparents live, I fall asleep in the back seat middle where I like to sit and absorb all the visual action. I am somewhere in the vicinity of four years old. When I awaken we are passing through an automated carwash and it is the moment where the big blue sudsy mop roller is making its way up the windshield. I am not familiar with automaton style carwashes and their mysterious ways as a four(ish) year old. I lose my shit. For the record, a carwash at night with an imaginative pre-k childhood is probably not advisable.

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