I’m Watching:

Avatar – The Last Airbender … A series I rewatch every three months or so. Friends and family (excluding my sister who has it rightwise) reject this show due to the fact it is animated. I reject their rejections. One of the best shows ever written, drawn, or performed. Go watch it ten years ago and every 3 months til now. It will not disappoint. Available on Netflix or in physical form.

I pair it with enhanced ramen and a GIF of Ross Geller shouting “UNAGI!

A Sunday in Hell … A beautifully dry luddite’s delight documentary about a grueling cycling race referred as ‘The Hell of the North’ which rings and brings a smile to my face. From an era before carbon fiber and auto-shifters when each bicycle was a custom piece of hard riding art. Imagine cranking for 259 km (160 mi) over 55 km (34mi) of cobblestones through a fog of brutal superheated dust. Filmed in 1976. I’d suggest approaching from a position of patience. Found the whole 90 minutes on YouTube, physical copies are floating about on eBay as well.

Paired with chocolate covered digestif wafers and a glass of Pinot Noir.

I’m Reading:

Bill Sienkiewicz’s Dune (the 1984 film) ‘official’ comic … A beautiful timeless piece. I’ve loved Bill’s work since picking up his Classics Illustrated adaptation of Moby Dick in 1991 from the basement of now faded Law’s Hobby Center in San Luis Obispo, CA. His interpretation of Lynch’s interpretation of Dune is brilliant and beautiful. I’d pair it with a tattoo collage but I lack the skin real estate to do the magnitude of the comic justice.

In lieu of a full body Sienkiewicz tattoo I’m pairing this pocket sized collection with anticipation of Denis Villaneuve’s (hopefully) December 2020 Dune film.

The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin … I raved about this ‘the fire’ last week. James’s words bring tears to my eyes and encourage my heart to beat in time with the dream of a society that should already have been.

Paired with the resolve to keep on going and to learn until the moment consciousness departs.

I’m Listening:

Anti-Social by Andrew Marantz … I know, I know, I mentioned this last week also, but it’s just perfectly suited to an immediate listen. Any further description I might attempt to offer is inadequate. There is no piece (I’ve found) that describes the lead up to the social moment we are in more effectively.

Pair it with the Rabbit Hole Podcast, Dark Money by Jane Mayer, and Bring the War Home by Kathleen Belew.

The Good Ancestor Podcast … Every episode is a gem, but the gravity of episode two hangs with me particularly. Go seek out each book written by each guest and Layla herself. If you haven’t already, also follow, support, and open heart along with mind to Rachel Cargle (of the very first episode).

Pair all with being human.

Happy nearly or freshly Sunday, eyes to the future and stay safe out there.

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