Can we talk about Lovecraft Country?

I was obsessed before it went live and it is far surpassing my hopes and dreams.

“Remind me again why the White House is white?”

Dialing back for just a moment. H.P. Lovecraft, 1920’s white supremacist author of supernatural horror and arguably influential to much, if not all, of supernaturally horrific literature, comics, media produced in his wake. The racism in his publications is overt and the resonant popularity of his writings in the decades since his death speaks to both the power of his storytelling and the ugly undertone of American society that both embraces and ignores the parity between the cultish following his works garner and the ghoulish racial message contained therein.

Flash forward to now and the current epic unfolding before us.

Lovecraft Country sets about weaving the horror portrayed in its namesake’s novellas into the horror of systemic 1950’s racism and by brilliant, glaring implication, the continuation of that insidious violent plague into our current moment.

I will make an effort to avoid spoiling any of the overt or hidden sheen in this production as I type about it. Needless to say, it may be added to the abundance of worthy reasons to slash one or more subscription services and pick up HBO Max.

Without getting specific, the show features excellently paired recordings of both James Baldwin and Gil Scott Heron. Jurnee Smollett, Courtney B Vance, and Jonathan Majors absolutely dazzle onscreen.

Setting aside for a moment the spectacular spectacular of the show itself, its attendant podcast hosted by Ashley C Ford and Shannon Houston is a wonderful and insightful follow up listen to each episode. It is laden with spoilers, so I’d definitely suggest watching before listening, but if you don’t have HBO or just want a dose of the mind and theory behind the show, Lovecraft Country Radio is more than worth your time.

In any case, and before I trip into spoiling any bit of it for you, go find Lovecraft Country, and hold on tight, the show is an e ticket ride for the mind and soul.

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