Without it…

I wonder at the cultural contempt for apology, for admission, for acknowledgement of systemic horror and the role each of us plays in it.

There is a four hundred year incessance of context for this feeling and I am prompted to quote from a novel written by a brilliant Italian:

‘…he persevered and even added a jeer to his cruelty.’

~Giuseppe di Lampedusa — The Leopard

Such behavior roosts within a culture. It maintains centuries old wounds by packing in the salt under a leering smile behind a hat, a hand, or in a shadow. Lately the leer is laid outright in the light of day. Blind, world scouring pride in impish ignorance and the false pragmatism of unchallenged life.

Change must come from within and hope remains that it will deliver, though such will require those gifted with sight to communicate vision effectively across vast waves as the isles of reason sink further into the sea.

…there can be no absolution.

So that was cheerful. You’re welcome? Aaaand I’m sorry.

Here is the web of media I’m engaging aside from (obviously?) the beauty linked above:


I want to live in the deep literal undertone of this song.

2 thoughts on “contrition

  1. I love the idea of an apex cleansing beast……….hmmm have to think ab out what form it would take….”CLEANSE and EMPTY your minds”….”Ray….What did you do??” “What did you do, Ray?”


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