“But mother I saw it and it was true!”

D U N E ~ Alia of the Knife

In reference to her prescient understanding of child bearing and rearing, the young Alia unsettles adults around her who lack her deep awareness and native understanding as the result of exposure to the water of life while in Jessica’s womb.

While the concept takes religious, allegorical, and superhuman form in D U N E, often I find myself caught in the sense that we wander around our reality constantly in a subconscious state of sharing our inner lives in various ways.

In D U N E the catalyst for sharing is to drink the ‘water of life’ – a poison that opens a suitably resilient spirit to the collective awareness of all other souls in the family line and history of the practice. The prescience resulting from such awareness plays a prominent role in the various societal structures and godheads of the D U N E universe.

The thought came to me this week as I was building the /oracle page now appearing in the site menu. I have an experience often when reading fiction or comic books, a sense the author or artist or both somehow have a direct psychic line of communication into the well of subconscious emotion residing within me.

One thought on “providence

  1. wow !! I think that this is amazng…I am going to have to read some more comic books…….or maybe the whole dune series again….. I have a hard enough time distinguishing what is real, or imagined in my dreams…which sometimes scare me because they are too close to reality……and I wake up with a start..and then are relieved…..xo


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