A co-worker and I were discussing which of the ‘7 deadly sins’ applies most to each of us. To be clear, I am agnostic and M is an atheist leaning agnostic. Regardless, the discussion was entertaining. One of the two of us chose ‘wrath’ the other chose ‘pride’

For those of you who know me I’ll let you guess who’s who.

The topic brought to mind a sense of profound flux. Not so much because the deadly sins and flux connect directly but because shifting winds in a greater spiritual sense are pushing me into a state of self reflection.

In another recent conversation a friend and I mutually admitted ~ embarrassed ~ that we desire to create something monumental to leave behind on earth when we depart. This discussion is interesting to recall because we both spoke about the idea from a perspective of guilt at the hubris in believing we are capable of producing something objectively important, further at the conscious desire to achieve such.

Were I to analyze from a mystic’s perspective, the drive to create something profound would indicate we were both born under full moons ~ I know I was, but I am not sure about L…interesting to ponder in any case.

The ‘why’ in regard to our guilt about creating feels like more than I want to unpack in this post, but mayhap I’ll circle back after therapizing a bit.

In all of this I am inching a way toward saying…

Hey I’m creating some new things! All conceptual for the time being. Below I’ve placed some scattered parts of them.


For years, friends and family can attest, I’ve spouted nonsense band names, writing them down and shouting them out awkwardly in public. Lately I’ve been tiptoeing back through this odd erratic refuse (Odd Erratic could be the band, Refuse could be their first album, just saying) and writing faux biographies for those with the most silly or pretentious (or both) gravity. I’ve begun collecting these *efforts?* on a new page here in the mirror, simply entitled ‘/bands’ you can find it via this link:

Expect a new addition once or twice a week til my creativity is exhausted and I pass the faux band/bio torch.


I have a novel idea! Errr…I have an idea for a novel…that’s been swimming around the mindspace for awhile. Here are a few orphaned lines from a primary character. They’ll end up in it somewhere, sometime (I think).

“I was not born on Mannahatta, but I’ve spent enough time there to know how it smells on chill days filled with the wind of machines gripping wet pavement.”

~Maera on Earth~

“Memories of early life play through my head constantly. Beautiful songs on strings drifting out of tune.”

~Maera on her early life~

The part of me most vulnerable is most prone to ruthlessness. In that tipping space when I crack open, I destroy what must be destroyed…and always some of what should not.”



Haiku has been happening to me. Here’s one:


to sit still aghast and high

waiting to be seen

If more arrive I may add another page (although I do prefer 8 to 9 in this circumstance, so one may have to disappear to make room if it comes to that).

Gamora ~ just, well…because.

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