~ in honor of rejuvenation and frivolity ~

My mind engages in a game of swap I reverently refer to as conceptual dyslexia. In which a known name, title, or word is replaced inadvertently and consistently with an alternative.


Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush is remembered in my head as ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ for no apparent reason and to the offense of fellow Neil enthusiasts.

The Portland double level inebriation fixture Doug Fir is ‘Davy Pine’ in the confines of my skull. This has caused hilarious confusion repeatedly.

There are more, but instead of loading them all here, I’ll save some for the future.

On that note, happy transit to 2021 *confetti*

I spent my eve ~

Nibbling away at a small spread in my little studio with a Taylor Swift playlist imparted to me by my glorious sister and a group of pre~selected records playing LOUD. I waited for new years New York time to crack the bubbles, got gussied up for no one but my own self, and played/ate/read/drank/absorbed all the comforting things.

hiding under the jacket is Rogue Print Co’s Minas Tirith Volume 4

Albums played ~

Funeral, The Greatest, Lost Girls, Punisher, Blue, Colour of Spring

Films Watched ~

High & Low, Le Cercle Rouge, your name

Bubbles ~

Cachet Or from J. Lassalle by way of Kermit Lynch


Onward to ’21

Thanks for being here. See you next week.

3 thoughts on “desufnoc

  1. Love the look great !! I cleaned house on New Years….going through piles of papers…. what are the small portions you were eating?? I recognized Brie…See you soon, anything set in stone yet for timing? xo


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