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I dreamt of Phoebe Bridgers.

Performing in a gargantuan art deco concert hall ~ sepia toned ~ with a crowd all broken up in small clusters.

The band played “Halloween” and the vocals continued even as Phoebe walked off stage. Not in a lip-synced way, but as if she could be in two places at once. Her phantom self, or maybe her self self wandered up to me and we began to walk between and around the others.

We were connecting over Grouper ~ specifically “Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping” ~ and she asked me if I’d picked up the tape release of P U N I S H E R in translucent green.

I said “yes” but admitted I don’t currently have the equipment to play cassettes. Despite this, I collect each taped release by Last Ambient Hero, Soft People, and now Phoebe herself.

She gave me a befuddled smile and took my arm anyway.

“Come with me to talk to this guy. He thinks he’s way more interesting and attractive than he actually is.”

We wandered up to a large be-muscled blonde man with a toothsome grin. In the background Julien Baker’s “Tokyo” was playing. His gaggle of attendants parted as we approached. He said nothing as he looked at us.

Phoebe turned to me and eyelocked, still smiling.

I awoke.

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On the turntable currently ~ “You Are Free”

Being read currently ~ Drive Your Plow Over The Bones of the Dead

In the earbuds ~ Q Lazzarus

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Post Script ~ Wow, thank you for still being here.

A note on dreams, collective unconscious, and rampant ego.

Often I do not remember what I dream, but when I do it is vivid. A recurring theme is the appearance of famous people I admire and of people I know from day to day living.

During mutual dream interpretations my sister has informed me that the part of our mind that dreams cannot manufacture faces. Anyone whose face we can see or remember in a dream is someone we’ve seen either in life or in a photo.

I enjoy the concept of a collective unconscious or any idea that engages the interconnectivity of minds, be they aware or unaware.

Thus, in service of the collective and my clearly rampant ego, I am dreaming upon this dream that Phoebe had the same one at the same time without any idea who I am.

The banner photo at the very top of this post is from CHANI NICHOLAS‘s app. Highly recommend if you are even remotely astrologically inclined or curious.

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