‘Divine being in Shinto… …may be an element of the landscape or a force of nature; may also be the spirit of a venerated dead person.’ ~from Wikipedia


There is a treestump containing a canine spirit on my street. Every time I see it in my periphery I jump. I feel it’s just waiting to bound over and chew on my ankle… or go for my throat… in a playful way.

Kind of like the way a polar bear could be playful about mashing me like a potato.

Or my childhood bully was playful when he was pushing my face into the dirt.


There is a rock on the Silverado trail near auberge de soleil that looks like a medium sized creature about to dash into the road.

I jerk every time I drive by. It sometimes says feline. Other times canine. But I think it is actually in the weasel (Mustelidae) family. Maybe a Badger. Maybe a wolverine.

It’s Salamandastron.



A rock near the vacation spot my parents used to share is painted like a shark.

I believe it actually contains an Otodus Megalodon spirit.

I make worshipful pilgrimage up the block to see it each time I’m there.

I find shark rock teeth scattered across Dream‘s land.

If I ever have a child, I will indoctrinate with shark rock lore.


Updates to come this week. New ideas in bloom.

Go read Young Avengers by Gillen and McKelvie. Go read it yesterday. Also Phonogram, two days ago. Also everything they create always.

I’m continuing to obsess over Muaadib. Go look at his art. Buy the books with his covers. Give to the causes in his linktree.

My friend Em is doing amazing and cool and powerful things. Go follow her too. Read the things. Get ready to buy her books.

Thanks for being here! See you next week.

Spirited Away

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