Well, theories, and the arbitrary (in the sense I’ve arrived at each by guessing pseudo~educatedly) likelihood they are even remotely accurate.

The sneeze at the start of Tierra Whack’s ‘CLONES’ ~

Do you think it’s Tierra herself? Turning her head away from the mic?


Another person in the recording studio?

My intuition points to Tierra turning her head and deciding she wants to keep the sneeze in the final cut. I enjoy believing this is the case.

71% likelihood (I may be leaning heavily on a plastic set of teeth with feet here).

The line ‘motion capture put me in a bad light’ from Taylor Swift’s evermore ~

Is a reference to CATS and the fact it was cruelly attacked by fans and critics even before it was released for looking…mildly terrifying…something about the combo of motion captured human and cat CG…

Close to 100% likely.

Today in @SaintJayne’s feed ~

“If you’re not watching Dancing With The Birds you are ASLEEP.”

Likelihood you are literally sleeping ~ in the vicinity of 53% ~ likelihood we are all asleep in the oblivious sense? Terrifyingly higher. Not that it matters but I powerfully agree with Melissa’s sentiment.

It’s been too long since you’ve listened to “Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide’.

100% for me. Nearly that for the rest of the earth.

“Let’s turn on and be…”

Was Bud Cort’s fourth wall breakage in Harold and Maude written into the script or was it ad libbed. Probably written in, but I like to think ad libbed. I am forcibly not looking this up. Have at me with your deep Harold awareness.

Likelihood ~ 23% (it’s prime)

“I don’t know why, but it makes me sad: A Memoir”

Thank you for being here! See you next week.

Also ~

I’m reading “The Fire Next Time” and so should you. In fact, go find all the James Baldwin immediately. Empathy can be taught. James’s writings are a glorious, powerful, vitally painful route to teaching it.

“To defend oneself against a fear is simply to insure that one will, one day, be conquered by it; fears must be faced. As for one’s wits, it is just not true that one can live by them–not, that is, if one wishes really to live.” James Baldwin ~ The Fire Next Time

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