I have been in a procrastination for two weeks and more now in resistance to getting this post into shape and up. To be perfectly frank, I’m struggling with the idea of composing or posting anything. Mine is not the voice that needs to be heard in those moment. In the spirit of that consideration, here is a list of voices we should all be listening to:


~ here begins is the post that has been stuck in my sticky brain ~

My Uncle David reached out to me this week as he does a few times a year to pick up old conversational threads. I am delighted each time it happens, finding comfort in the provenance of our mental parity.

We think deeply. We fixate. We commune with plants and process emotion, memory, experience over unusually long stretches of time. Thus we often feel out of time, or out of sync with the pace of living that envelops and consumes.

He wrote me yesterday in what I affectionately refer to as Robinson family code.

Communications with my mother’s siblings are all based on an intuitive understanding of one another’s intellect. Their parents, my Grandpa Al and Grandmother Nancy, created a particular sense of movement through the world.

I’ve mentioned Al in a previous post ~ linked *here*

He and his friends would pick the locks at neighboring universities in the vicinity of Los Angeles and replace coded cards for sports games with their own messages.

I feel a little bit like the family code ties in with this somehow. A bit naturally different. A bit sensitive and rebellious while still wishing to connect with the world at large.

I find myself thinking on the chasms between mind and mind, concept and mind, concept and concept. Dreaming of ways to make those distances shorter without losing meaningful information along the way.

Engagement this week ~

I’m fixating on the way Laura Marling’s Alexandra evokes a sense of Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark album ~ particularly ‘Car on the Hill’ and ‘Down to You’.

I can feel the wind changing.

This week’s playlists are pale light, crash, fine

Reading a collection of real world ghost story and folklore called Haunted Japan and James Baldwin’s collected works (still and always).

Cast love and support out in all available directions. Hold on tight. See you next week.

4 thoughts on “communique

  1. What yoou have said about conversations with mom’s side of the family is spot on. I have had the same experience, especially with your Uncle David. Months could go by, and when we talked, we would pick up sometimes on the same conversation we had had way before…it is really cool. You Grandfather Al…was directly blunt, which sometimes put people off, until you got to know him. When your mom and I were living together before our wedding, we were taliking about our habits, and I said to her “well, you know how I am in the morning, and Al piped up and said “YOU DO????” and I was speechless. Another time I was playing catch with Ted in their front yard, and he asked if I had played baseball, and I answered ” yes, as a matter of fact I played 2 years of baseball at the College of Marin, and was a relief pitcher. He then just asked: ” were you any good ??” and I just interpreted that as a question if I had a future in baseball, so I answered, “Well, not really, I had my good days, and my bad days, and on a bad day, everyone ran for the bomb shelters, and he just laughed. But I love(d) talking with all of the Robinsons…and still do…… xo


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