I dreamt of Phoebe Bridgers. Performing in a gargantuan art deco concert hall ~ sepia toned ~ with a crowd all broken up in small clusters. The band played “Halloween” and the vocals continued even as Phoebe walked off stage. Not in a lip-synced way, but as if she could be in two places at […]

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“A common name for the wood of various trees and shrubs with density greater than that of water.” via Wikipedia (p.s. give them money please, i love them) I recently purchased two beautiful limited poster prints from Mystery School Comics group by (surprise) Becky Cloonan. Created in honor of her reverence for Marketa Lazarova. While […]

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~ in honor of rejuvenation and frivolity ~ My mind engages in a game of swap I reverently refer to as conceptual dyslexia. In which a known name, title, or word is replaced inadvertently and consistently with an alternative. Examples: Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush is remembered in my head as ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ for […]

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“Here there be dragons.” Robert Redford ~ in Out of Africa ~ referencing cartographers’ expression for the edge of the known world I’ve been reading Greg Rucka and Michael Lark’s Lazarus for nearly 8 years now. The world created by Lark and Rucka can be seen as a possible out come to and allegory for […]

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A co-worker and I were discussing which of the ‘7 deadly sins’ applies most to each of us. To be clear, I am agnostic and M is an atheist leaning agnostic. Regardless, the discussion was entertaining. One of the two of us chose ‘wrath’ the other chose ‘pride’ For those of you who know me […]

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Apophenia ~ is the tendency to perceive meaningful connections between unrelated things. via wikipedia My mind is a web of apopheniac non sequitur and I love it. I’m not sure most others do… I was binge watching my way through The Queen’s Gambit when this word, used by an irreverent reporter negatively in the show, […]

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I’ve spent the past four years paying more attention to national news than I had in the 33 years prior. I am ashamed of this. It took a mystifying (but perhaps not actually so) cultural disaster to bring me out of the cocoon of psychological comfort I’d wriggled into. I am intentionally being vague, avoiding […]

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A tangent this week. After carefully selecting a piece of a fossilized mosasaur tooth I desperately needed in my life, I’ve chosen to devote a post to three, in my opinion, under-appreciated prehistoric reptilians. /deinonychus I will forever be bitter that Michael Crichton, or his editors, chose to shift the name of this noble, intelligent […]

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“I know because she says over and over again that she doesn’t want a family yet it is clear through her actions that it is all that she wants.” ~Jon Osterman – in Watchmen 01.08 – A God Walks Into Abar I used to take the same Meyers Briggs personality test repeatedly to see how […]

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“‘And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?       Come to my arms, my beamish boy! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!’       He chortled in his joy.” ~ Jabberwocky ~ by Lewis Carroll from Through the Looking Glass As our nation steps out of the looking glass, it is my fervent hope we keep one eye steady on the […]

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