I talk about listening to books, rant about american violence, and offer a recipe to drink and hopefully soothe.

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I have been in a procrastination for two weeks and more now in resistance to getting this post into shape and up. To be perfectly frank, I’m struggling with the idea of composing or posting anything. Mine is not the voice that needs to be heard in those moment. In the spirit of that consideration, […]

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A friend and I were discussing the way our minds lean toward complicated explanations and eventualities rather than simple ones that are more likely. This brought up Occam’s Razor. “Occam’s razor, Ockham’s razor, Ocham’s razor ~or~ the law of parsimony is the problem-solving principle that “entities should not be multiplied without necessity”, or more simply, […]

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A friend of mine told me that one of the owners of the business she works for made a comment in regard to six Coast Live Oaks (Quercus Agrifolia) growing around the main building on the property. The statement was along the lines of ~ “Each of these trees costs me $14,000 in upkeep and […]

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Well, theories, and the arbitrary (in the sense I’ve arrived at each by guessing pseudo~educatedly) likelihood they are even remotely accurate. The sneeze at the start of Tierra Whack’s ‘CLONES’ ~ Do you think it’s Tierra herself? Turning her head away from the mic? OR Another person in the recording studio? My intuition points to […]

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My mind continues to swim in Japanese lore…maybe it always has done. A friend provided this wiki-distillate of mono no aware ~ paraphrased ~ a pathos or empathy toward physical things and a wistful awareness of transience. mono no aware (もののあはれ) ~ ‘the ah-ness of things’ or ‘an empathy toward things’ or ‘a sensitivity to […]

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‘Divine being in Shinto… …may be an element of the landscape or a force of nature; may also be the spirit of a venerated dead person.’ ~from Wikipedia 1 There is a treestump containing a canine spirit on my street. Every time I see it in my periphery I jump. I feel it’s just waiting […]

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2-3 minutes inside my head ~ yes I have an inner trialogue ~ it sounds like this What is the crux of your discontent? i am dissatisfied with my achievements or lack thereof. That sense derives from your imagined perception of someone else’s concept of you, not your concept of yourself. Let it go. ok. […]

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I dreamt of Phoebe Bridgers. Performing in a gargantuan art deco concert hall ~ sepia toned ~ with a crowd all broken up in small clusters. The band played “Halloween” and the vocals continued even as Phoebe walked off stage. Not in a lip-synced way, but as if she could be in two places at […]

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“A common name for the wood of various trees and shrubs with density greater than that of water.” via Wikipedia (p.s. give them money please, i love them) I recently purchased two beautiful limited poster prints from Mystery School Comics group by (surprise) Becky Cloonan. Created in honor of her reverence for Marketa Lazarova. While […]

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~ in honor of rejuvenation and frivolity ~ My mind engages in a game of swap I reverently refer to as conceptual dyslexia. In which a known name, title, or word is replaced inadvertently and consistently with an alternative. Examples: Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush is remembered in my head as ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ for […]

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