I listened to an episode of ‘This Podcast is a Ritual’ in which Devin Person and Clint Marsh discuss philosophy, pragmatism, and magic in daily practice. The episode is more than worth a listen, as are other various and beautiful works from both Clint and Devin, but what leapt out as I listened was the […]

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Focus is a problem today…or maybe a problem all the time. I blame smartphones – I almost just typed ‘cellphones’ instead of smartphones as if the first brick weight analog cell I used as a teenager bears any resemblance to the sleek eternally connected and tracking distractions we now carry around glued to our hands […]

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I didn’t manage to land this before Saturday departed. For this I apologize. I am afflicted with compulsive editing syndrome. It manifests in various ways. Examples – Uno I have trouble with simple email discourse. I tend to overthink and so struggle over what should be straightforward responses. It took the entirety of restraint and […]

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A bit fried this week, by the real actual temperature outside and perhaps an overuse of beard oil. Also by the sheer volume of media, personal flux, and the general wonderful terrible gravity of this moment in our lives. Lists are about all I have in me as I begin typing. Truth told, when pared […]

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This week I am reading and processing and it feels about as good as anything can feel to me in the tumult of these months going by. I am more hopeful in this moment about true structural and social change than I can remember ever having been before and this is also terrifying. Not terrifying […]

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I’ll dispense with the ‘2020 has been the worst’ reiteration and cling to the ringing note of possibility in tomorrow, the remainder of this year, and all those years on the horizon. Today I am pairing a cup of spearmint tea that was once piping hot and is now pleasantly lukewarm from the perspective of […]

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It is 1985 I am three years old and I’m storming angrily out of by twin bed piled high with stuffed animals somewhen between 8 and 10 pm. I accuse my parents of turning the music off and I refuse to fall asleep without it. Turns out, it’s just a quiet moment in the symphony […]

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I own a 1984 Japanese Release LaserDisc copy of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope that I have no means of playing. I picked it up because I know it to be an unadulterated copy of the film as I first experienced it back around the time I was five years old–which was in […]

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The catalyst for something like this post first sparked 11 years ago when I worked at a deli, bakery, coffee, and wedding cake house called The Cakery. I was talking with a coworker – Susan Hinck I think – about the sense memory experience of pairing a gripping book with a great album. The example […]

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“Do you contend with shadows?” ~The Dirge for Jamis – Dune – Frank Herbert 1965 It will quickly become clear through my posts here that I am a Dune and Dune Universe fanatic. Dune has been sacred to me since the moment my father introduced me to Frank Herbert’s work. I listen to it and […]

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