/right I fantasize often about being the caretaker of an old wooden theater in the round somewhere deep in the U.K. There’d be a roll up bed hidden in the stage and unfurled nightly to sleep. I would soak in all the vibration, the intention, the stories of shows gone by in days, years, weeks, […]

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“But mother I saw it and it was true!” D U N E ~ Alia of the Knife In reference to her prescient understanding of child bearing and rearing, the young Alia unsettles adults around her who lack her deep awareness and native understanding as the result of exposure to the water of life while […]

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The past few weeks make me wonder how much of the twists and turns I experience are outcomes of my obdurate tortoise approach to living. Is there determinism in tunnel – or more aptly ‘shell’ – vision? Are the cultural vacancies that lead us down rabbit – or more aptly ‘hare’ – holes of behavior […]

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Without it… I wonder at the cultural contempt for apology, for admission, for acknowledgement of systemic horror and the role each of us plays in it. There is a four hundred year incessance of context for this feeling and I am prompted to quote from a novel written by a brilliant Italian: ‘…he persevered and […]

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How much does it determine what you see? There is a why to the rant that follows and it is this: the world is stressing me out and I need somewhere to lay down the bleak for a bit. You’ve been warned, read on at your own risk. Our reality’s version of *insert one of […]

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“The real universe is always one step beyond logic.” Frank Herbert ~ Dune I read Dune cover to cover once every few years. I listen to the full cast audio version and its sequels on constant repeat. I’ve obsessively sought out the entirety of the Dune CCG. Portions of the Dune encyclopedia occupy and supplant […]

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I packed less this time when compared to last. I pack a little less each time. If I look through the prism of Buddhism, attachment is unenlightened. By the slippery slope extension of my mind, attachment to objects is further and for shame. Yet still it pains to depart. Lucy Dacus is singing her cover […]

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Can we talk about Lovecraft Country? I was obsessed before it went live and it is far surpassing my hopes and dreams. Dialing back for just a moment. H.P. Lovecraft, 1920’s white supremacist author of supernatural horror and arguably influential to much, if not all, of supernaturally horrific literature, comics, media produced in his wake. […]

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Sometimes upon finding a new hero I realize they are not new to me, they’ve just been waiting for the right moment to be rediscovered. I am feeling this way about Paul Laurence Dunbar. This week is a tribute to his voice, its resonance through time, and into my life. The following is from The […]

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I mentioned last week that I intended to write about The Overton Window. The time has come to actually circle back to something mentioned in a previous post. On that note, I will eventually return to other topics promised that I’ve been procrastinating on…once the procrastination quota is reached. The Overton Window is a political […]

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