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All the writings of James Baldwin (I started with The Fire Next Time), Octavia Butler (I started with Kindred), Frederick Douglass, Angela Davis

Between the World and Me by Ta Nehesi Coates

I’m Still Here – Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness by Austin Channing Brown

Me and White Supremacy by Layla F Saad

How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X Kendi

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Above is a bust of Mary Seacole by Henry Weekes courtesy of the Getty 
I don't know where to begin. Every time this happens I am furious.
Within our system "officers of the peace" routinely utilize violence
and fear in the name of law and order without remotely adequate

How can we progress as a nation without acknowledging, confronting,
and eliminating systemic racism? George Floyd couldn't breathe, I
can't breathe. Breonna Taylor was murdered by police executing a "no
knock" warrant in her Louisville home and I can't breathe. Ahmaud
Arbery was executed by a misanthrope trio of white vigilantes in
Georgia and I can't breathe. On and on backward through centuries.

This next will fall calculatedly muffled ears, but to the state, and
to police, this moment demands compassion and understanding. It is not
a moment to visit your impotence upon the people of your nation.
This truth is paramount at all times, but like everything in a
national crisis, it is particularly heightened now.

What are we to think of a state that chooses not to hold its officers,
its politicians accountable to the law while at the same time
undermining and murdering its citizenry? Is it past time to dismantle
and start over?

A further question, is it right that residents both indigenous and
forcibly kidnapped to toil in the fields of this 'great' land have
been systematically forced to live in fear of the state for four
hundred years? Despite the fact it has ruled much of recorded history,
there was never a time for hatred. It certainly is far past time to
evict it, scour it, remove its power over daily life. The answers to
hate, to racism, to willful ignorance are awareness, knowledge,
empathy, and solidarity with oppressed and underprivileged sistren
and brethren. It is right to be outraged. It is right to be wounded.

It is right to act in the immediate:

"Within hours, Frey had indeed fired all four police officers involved
with Floyd’s death. As a next step, Crump has called for people to
contact Minneapolis District Attorney Mike Freeman to request that he
arrest and charge the officers with Floyd’s murder. Freeman can be
reached at 612-348-5550. For reference, Officer Derek Chauvin (Badge
#1087) was the one who knelt on Floyd’s neck, while officer Tou Thao
(Badge #7162) stood by and did nothing."

from lifehacker

Follow @attorneycrump for updates and action to take in Minnesota
Follow @BLMLouisville for updates and action to take in Kentucky

To increase awareness:
from The Guardian's Derecka Purnell - Til our last breath
University of Louisville - Department of Philosophy
Support Black Lives Matter
This Episode of Fresh Air - a warning, it describes acts as graphic
and horrifying as the history that leads us to this moment.

To enhance knowledge and cultivate empathy:
The Color of Water
The Works of James Baldwin
Kindred by Octavia E Butler
On Frederick Douglass

Show solidarity and support for BIPOC
Recognize and defy Tyranny


This drawing is by Jean Giraud aka Moebius. 
Of Alejandro Jodorowsky as El Topo
I find it beautiful despite the fact it depicts a six shooter.
I wish all firearms would wink permanently out of existence.
Goals for the day:
Edit an article to be published here on the mirror Saturday 30.05.20
Read another chunk of Morrison's Invisibles (currently on page 202)
Backtrack physical journal entries to May 15
Finish one of the too many shows I've been muddling through
Listen to 3 LP's

Achievements thus far:
Made breakfast (2 egg rollups and a cabbage salad)
Listened to Annuminas
Wrote down the idea for this daily journal page and began composing
Held insanity at bay (I'm choosing to believe)

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Mood - feeling weathered but brighter than yesterday's grim.

This is me today:

Wearing sunglasses because my normals are deeply and mysteriously
scratched. A fresh shiny pair are ordered and en route. Auditioning
for a commercial involving the word 'unwashed'.

Yes I intentionally used old world style date arrangement
(Month.Day.Year) on this page.

No I'm not sorry about that one thing, I am sorry about everything