“A common name for the wood of various trees and shrubs with density greater than that of water.” via Wikipedia (p.s. give them money please, i love them) I recently purchased two beautiful limited poster prints from Mystery School Comics group by (surprise) Becky Cloonan. Created in honor of her reverence for Marketa Lazarova. While […]

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~ in honor of rejuvenation and frivolity ~ My mind engages in a game of swap I reverently refer to as conceptual dyslexia. In which a known name, title, or word is replaced inadvertently and consistently with an alternative. Examples: Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush is remembered in my head as ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ for […]

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1 Among the rarest of rare cards in 1997’s Dune: Eye of the Storm CCG, I spent a solid two years on eBay, amazon, and the internet at large seeking The Lady Jessica. The Dune collectible card game was published amid the last throes of the CCG boom of the late 1990’s. Like many of […]

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I collect records – because I am morbidly attracted to any hobby that requires apparatus. I also find the ritual and intent required to spin and maintain records engrossing. On top of my LP and other collecting habits and because I am an insane person, I collect (very) specific artifacts from the worlds of J.R.R. […]

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