Well, theories, and the arbitrary (in the sense I’ve arrived at each by guessing pseudo~educatedly) likelihood they are even remotely accurate. The sneeze at the start of Tierra Whack’s ‘CLONES’ ~ Do you think it’s Tierra herself? Turning her head away from the mic? OR Another person in the recording studio? My intuition points to […]

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I’m Watching: Avatar – The Last Airbender … A series I rewatch every three months or so. Friends and family (excluding my sister who has it rightwise) reject this show due to the fact it is animated. I reject their rejections. One of the best shows ever written, drawn, or performed. Go watch it ten […]

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I’ll dispense with the ‘2020 has been the worst’ reiteration and cling to the ringing note of possibility in tomorrow, the remainder of this year, and all those years on the horizon. Today I am pairing a cup of spearmint tea that was once piping hot and is now pleasantly lukewarm from the perspective of […]

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