I dreamt of Phoebe Bridgers. Performing in a gargantuan art deco concert hall ~ sepia toned ~ with a crowd all broken up in small clusters. The band played “Halloween” and the vocals continued even as Phoebe walked off stage. Not in a lip-synced way, but as if she could be in two places at […]

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Apophenia ~ is the tendency to perceive meaningful connections between unrelated things. via wikipedia My mind is a web of apopheniac non sequitur and I love it. I’m not sure most others do… I was binge watching my way through The Queen’s Gambit when this word, used by an irreverent reporter negatively in the show, […]

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“Listening to the music of the spheres.” ~Plato paraphrased, alluding to music language in purest form There are songs so integral to my daily life that I cannot imagine now how I existed before I knew of them. Below, a High Fidelity style list (but top 11 instead of top 5) – Bat for Lashes […]

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