A mission statement sounds too formal, call this instead a small and ephemeral map of the small and ephemeral effort I embark on.

The first impulse behind building a natural mirror sparked while reading Richard Rorty’s Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature. Further meaning behind the phrase is plural. You’ll see from the front page that in one sense the mirror is literal – an accident stumbled upon while taking a daily sky ‘selfie’. I’ll leave alternate interpretations for you to discern if you are so inclined.

Setting aside my internal motivations and inspirations, many of my creative heroes write weekly newsletters and maintain little blog islands across the vast web. Direct inspiration is from The Jaymo’s Your Attention is Sovereign, house DeFraction’s Milkfed newsletter, and Ganzeer’s Restricted Frequency.

A prime goal in creating the mirror is to plant an abundance of ideas intact and complete with all their little dings to see what may sprout. I am afflicted with an obsessive’s desire for perfection, particularly when it comes to writing. In composing here I am forcibly casting away the inherent limitations of attempting to produce ‘perfect’ work and the procrastination that results. The goal will be to shed old circular habits and put thoughts to screen.

The effort begins as a repository for creative exploration, armchair philosophy, general goofiness, odd artifacts I collect, and various media I’m devouring. It may become something more. In any case abundant thanks for visiting, and I hope you’ll return, subscribe if the impulse strikes, or share if you know someone who might find a smile here.


El B

The above left is Thufir Hawat by Mark Zug from the Dune CCG